Chris Kirkpatrick (xxkirkpatrickxx) wrote in popstarslash,
Chris Kirkpatrick

Listen up...

PopStarSlash RPG is shut down for awhile...there's really only Jen, Josh and Brit here. And we all have our awesome Dream_Palace.

Jacob left, taking Janie with him, Willa is MIA yet again, JC has not been here since we began, and I just don't have time or energy to do this anymore. PopStarSlash is no fun anymore.

Most of you are on DP anyway, so..if you aren't, go check us out at Dream_Palace on Deadjournal, and maybe even here at Popslash. Those are my two communities that Im in and they both rock.

And, someone keeps telling Justin to 'update'. Well, Justin is no longer part of PopStarSlash. He is a full fledged member of Popslash, and pretty damn good at it.

SO, yeah. Thats all I wanted to say. If you'd be interested in taking over, let me know.
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