Chris Kirkpatrick (xxkirkpatrickxx) wrote in popstarslash,
Chris Kirkpatrick

Note from the Boss:

Okay, PopStarSlash-ers. Listen up. This is getting pretty depressing. We desperately need more members. Nobody posts but me and Jake. (Justin-it's cool, we play by IM when you're around. Same with Joey, but you should post more)
Also, to Jake's writer: You're depressing everybody. Quit it.
We need more people to play. This is almost no fun. So, everyone's mission: Please try to bring in one new person each. I brought in JC, Justin, Jake, and Joey. Willa came on her own, and Jacob's writer brought Dorothy. I'm working on getting us Laurie from Scene 23.
It'd be nice to have more members. I don't care who they're playing. Just make sure they're okay with slash.
So, yeah guys. I'm sure you all know someone (or someones) who would be interested. I'm still looking myself.
Thanks in advance!

-Chris' writer
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